About Epic Business Advisory

The truth is most businesses, even profitable ones, don’t always work. They might be successful on the outside, and you might be making a nice living as the owner, but the purpose of the business is to create freedom for you, the entrepreneur who took all the risk.

If you’re working 60-80 or more hours a week…

If you can’t take two weeks or a month off and come back confident that the business will be even better than when you left…

If your team is good but loves to delegate problems back up to you…

…you haven’t created a freedom business, yet.

We started Epic Business Advisory after building our own successful “freedom” firm, and after seeing so many of our entrepreneur clients want freedom but struggle to create it for themselves.

Over the last decade, I’ve been personally mentored by some of the world’s top entrepreneurs. And, I’ve taken the lessons learned as we created our own freedom business and boiled them down into 9 steps–what I call The Freedom Formula™.


And the results that this simple formula creates for our clients are transformational.

“I started making changes immediately to increase my profit and my free time. ”

“I knew I needed a business coaching but as a start up, time and cost always prohibited me from committing. Epic was the perfect solution, affordable and convenient. The Freedom Formula gave me a honest snapshot of my business and I started making changes immediately to increase my profit and my free time. 

I look forward to the monthly mastermind, where Rick expands on the topics from The Freedom Formula and we discuss as a group. 

I would recommend Epic to anyone who is serious about growing their business and increasing their free time.”

Ty McBride
Wood Window Rescue

If you’re ready to enjoy more freedom and the free time, financial success and peace of mind that comes from a company designed to manage itself, with you as the owner (not the chief cook and bottle washer), then maybe we should talk about your goals.

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About Rick Hadrava

25 years of working with business owners and high networth individuals.

A successful business owner, he has experienced first hand many of the challenges entrepreneurs face.

Been certified in exit planning and is a certified Value Builder Coach.

Studied with and been mentored by some of the top entrepreneurs in the world.

Built knowledge, experience, and a network of resources to help other business owners get to the next level.

Host of The Over 50 Entrepreneur Podcast.

Rick enjoys supporting Boy Scouts and the many sports where his children participate. He is an avid runner, loves camping and hiking, and loves being around other entrepreneurs. He has a deep passion for continuing to learn and grow in his desire to serve others. He has two terrific children and been married to his wife Ann for 24 years.

Rick is a proud graduate of Oklahoma State University. He has also had the honor of attending additional executive programs at The Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia, PA and is an ongoing member of Strategic Coach, as well as, the Value Builder organization.

Rick served in the Oklahoma Army National Guard as a member of the 45th Infantry Division, both as an enlisted soldier and an officer. He continues to support the 45th and veteran concerns.

Rick has served on the board of directors for the Oklahoma Alzheimer’s Association and actively supports several other non-profit organizations in Oklahoma.

Book a call with Rick to learn more about The Freedom Formula and how his team might be able to help you.