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Planning & Strategy from Every Angle

What are your goals?  We all have them whether we share them openly or keep them to ourselves – they exist.  Goals for our families, for our businesses, and for our futures.  Even the bigger dreams stuck deep in the back of our minds dared to be explored.

With the Epic EngagementTM, we put it all on review.  Through our consultative approach, we work to ensure the things you value most are properly aligned so they can be realized in the most effective ways.  Giving you the confidence to keep moving forward toward that bigger future.

Value Builder Engagement

One-on-One Advisement Service

Our advisors meet with you monthly to discuss, analyze, and help implement key strategies around areas of your personal and business life that may be under-performing or disconnected.  They meet to ensure that those new strategies are being executed and that you are getting access to the expertise, experience, and network available through Epic Business Advisory.

With our scoring system, you will be able to measure how the work you are doing “working on your business” is helping drive more value in your business.

It’s all designed to help you better align the things most important in your life.


Find the Freedom You Have Been Seeking

The number one thing we hear again and again from business owners who work hard in their businesses every day is that they seek greater FREEDOM!  With the Epic EngagementTM, you can finally begin to achieve the type of freedom that you and your family have been looking for.

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Score Meter

Get your business on track

Take our short, 13 minute survey to get your Value Builder score.  Business’s that score an 80 or above with Value Builder tend to receive offers that are 71% higher than the industry average.  Don’t wait for the right offer to come along.  Take our quiz, allow us to help you make the appropriate changes to your business, and finally get the offers that your business deserves.

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